Terms & Conditions for AI, Big Data Conference for Data Engineers Jakarta (ABCDE JK) 



1.1. The AI, Big Data Conference for Data Engineers Jakarta (ABCDE JK), and all of its properties listed below will be defined and referred as below;

  1. The Terms & Conditions that is solely prepared for AI, Big Data Conference for Data Engineers Jakarta (ABCDE JK) will be referred to as “the T&Cs”

  2. AI, Big Data Conference for Data Engineers Jakarta (ABCDE JK) will be referred to as “the Event”

  3. UNLOCK DESIGN INTERNATIONAL Sdn. Bhd., the sole organizer for the Event and the main company who manages this event and all of the Event’s branding  will be referred to as “the Organizer”.

  4. The official website; http://www.ud-intl.com/abcde-jk  that is specifically made for the Event will be referred to as “the Website”.

  5. The official Facebook Page that is specially catered to the Event, http://www.facebook.com/unlockasia will be referred to as “the Facebook Page”.

  6. All companies that agreed to collaborate, with consent, for this Event will be referred to as “the Partners”.

  7. Individuals who are, with his consent, on making a full payment for Entry Ticket of the Event and filling in his information details will be further defined as “the Participants”.

  8. “Entry Ticket” is referred to valid documentation in both Digital or Physical, of allowing the participant to join the Event, from the result of the Participants making the full payment stated by the Organizer.

  9. “Payment” is the exchange of cash, in return for the Entry Ticket. 

  10. Ticketing platform to purchase the Event’s entry ticket for the Event will be referred to as “Eventbrite” and “Townscript”.

  11. “ABCDE JK Official Platforms” are digital internet platforms that are referring to the Website, the Facebook Page and the Eventbrite.

1.2. The Organizer is not responsible for any loses, accidents or failures that occurs from the T&Cs.

1.3. By participating in the Event, participants are acknowledging and agreeing that the personal details requested by the Organizer will be used for internally by the Organizer for all usage.

1.4. By purchasing an Entry Ticket, the Participants are considered as agreed, acknowledged, read and understood to be bounded by the Event’s T&Cs and the Organizer’s decisions, as long as it is not against the Republic of Indonesia’s Law.

1.5. The Organizer has the right to Amend, Modify, Change and to remove ANY part of the T&Cs up to the very end of the Event without further notice to the Participants, unless the change is deemed necessary by the Organizer.

1.6. If changes in T&C is deemed important to the Organizer, all announcements will be announced in all Official Platforms of the Event.



2.1. This event is open to all nationalities, race and gender with Valid Documentation ID, such as, but not limited to,  Kartu Tanda Penduduk, Driving License, Student Card, Passport, Student/Working Visa Permit, Tourist Visa or Permanent Residence Card.

2.2. Must be 18 years old on the day of the Event.



3.1. Before proceeding with the ticket purchase, please read the T&Cs carefully. These T&Cs form the basis between the Participants, the Organizer and Eventbrite. For more information on Eventbrite’s Terms and Conditions, kindly visit here: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/Troubleshooting/eventbrite-terms-of-service?lg=en_US (Eventbrite Terms of Service)

https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/Troubleshooting/eventbrite-terms-of-service?lg=en_US (Eventbrite Privacy Policy)

https://www.townscript.com/terms-and-conditions (Townscript Terms & Conditions)


3.2. Purchasing a Ticket

  1. Eventbrite and Townscript  is the sole Ticketing Platform for the Event. The Organizer is not liable for any loss purchases that are made in platforms other than Eventbrite, digitally or physically.

  2. The Participants are required to fill in information details, including card information details and payment method.

  3. Entry Ticket are confirmed when full payment is received and the Entry Ticket is generated by Eventbrite or/and Townscript.

  4. Participants are free to either keep the Entry Ticket in Digital or Physical form. 

  5. The Organizer and Eventbrite or/and Townscript are not involved in any resale of the ticket by third-party sellers. 

3.3. Cancelations, Exchanges or Refunds.

  1. Once the Entry Ticket is purchased from Eventbrite or/and Townscript for the Event, the Entry Ticket may not be cancelled, exchanged or refunded.

3.4. Entry Ticket Validity & Admission

  1. The Entry Ticket is only valid for the admission for AI Big Data Conference for Data Engineers Jakarta (ABCDE JK) 2019, from the start of the Event to the end of Event.

  2.  Participants are required to show the Entry Ticket, either Digitally or Physically to the registration check to gain admission.

  3. One (1) Entry Ticket will only valid for one (1) admission for (1) Participants only.

  4. The possession of each Entry Ticket only for admission purposes. The Organizer does not guarantee seats at the venue.

  5. The Organizer reserves the right, without obligation to eject any person for any reason deemed necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the event including, but not limited to, such as disruptive behavior, vulgar or abusive conduct to all personnel in the event including non-Participants.

  6. The Organizer has the right to check the Participant’s entry ticket at any time throughout the event period. 

3.5. Event Changes

  1. Information, performance, event dates and times shown in Eventbrite or/and Townscript are subject to change. The Organizer is not responsible for any cancellation or rescheduling of the Event or for any changes in the timing of the Event.

  2. In the case of the Event itself is wholly cancelled, the participants are eligible to receive a refund by the Organizer.

  3. The Organizer reserves the right to impose the administration fees to the Participants.

  4. However, if a portion thereof is cancelled or postponed after it has commenced, Participants will not have the right to exchange or receive a refund on Entry Ticket.

3.6.  Lost Ticket

  1. In the event of a lost ticket, or failed to show the Entry Ticket upon submission, holder must be able to produce a legit proof of the Entry Ticket purchase.

3.7. Price Changes

  1. All prices are subject to change at any time and from time to time without prior notice until your Entry Ticket purchase is confirmed.

3.8. The Organizer Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

  1. All Entry Tickets, event information, time, venue and date on Eventbrite or/and Townscript are provided by the Organizer.

  2. The Organizer has no control over the maintenance or management of Eventbrite or/and Townscript.

  3. The Organizer is not liable whether in contract or in tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses, internet disruption, poor internet connectivity, server crash or any inconvenience caused by force majeure or other events which are beyond our control or which are not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part including, but not limited to war, civil disturbance, fire, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, unusually severe weather, acts of God, acts of Government or any other authorities, accidents to or failure of machinery or equipment or industrial action.

3.9. Third Party Information

  1. Eventbrite and/or Townscript will require certain information by the Participants which only will be used solely for the purchase of the Entry Ticket. 



4.1. Participants who purchased the Entry Ticket are considered to have acknowledged and grant their permission to use their name, affiliation, visual and audio recording and photographs of their activity in the Event for the Event and the Organizer’s past and future promotions, all without further compensation, unless prohibited by law.

4.2. The Organizer is liable on not publishing footages and pictures that are deemed inappropriate in a general context for general publicity such as, but not limited to sexual explicit images, political content, immoral pictures, controversial images, aggressive behavior and profane gestures.

4.3. In the case where the photo published is considered inappropriate for his/her consideration, such as, but not limited to, showing particular body parts that is deemed inappropriate for his/her belief, culturally inappropriate gestures/posing, or any images from the Event that may cause further inconvenience or harm to the affected Participants, the Participants must inform the Organizer about the concern.  However, the Organizer has the right to decide on any further action of the said matter.

4.4. All information provided by the Participants will be considered as Confidential, and only will be used by the Organizer and its subsidiaries.



5.1. Participant who posses a valid Entry Ticket is eligible for all tentative scheduled for the event.

5.2. Participants are allowed to check-in at any time throughout the event period. However, the Organizer is not liable of all the loss if the Participants have missed any tentative.

5.3. All Participants are required to stick the name sticker on the left side of the chest. The Organizer has the right to ask the Participants to show the name sticker if it is not shown. 

5.4. In the case of missing or torn name sticker, Participants are advised to acquire a new sticker with no charge applied.

5.5. Strictly no overstay at the event venue after the Event has ended except if the Participants have received permission by the Organizer under these conditions;

  1. A Speaker from the Event must be present.

  2. All Participants and Speaker must leave the venue at the same time when the Organizer leaves the venue.

  3. Liaising with the Venue Partner.

  4. Overstaying at the venue for personal reasons is strictly prohibited.

5.6. The Organizer has the right to replace any speakers, remove certain agenda or reschedule the agenda (within the Event Period) without prior notice.